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HDAAG (Handy-Dandy Acronym/Abbreviation Guide)

ABAG: Association of Bay Area Governments

CCAG: City/County Association of Governments

EIR: Environmental Impact Report: Analyzes the effect on the environment of significant projects.

CEQA: (pronounced "seekwa") -- The California Environmental Quality Act. EIRs are prepared as required by CEQA.

GSD: Granada Sanitary District: A Special District which provides sewer service and solid waste pickup in El Granada, Princeton, and the northern portion of the City of Half Moon Bay.

HETCH HETCHY:The Hetch Hetchy Water and Power system is a conglomerate of dams, hydroelectric plants, reservoirs, aqueducts, pipelines and transmission lines which provide drinking water to the City of San Francisco and several Bay Area counties. Native Americans bestowed the name Hetch-Hetchy on the valley - for a wild grass that grew there

MSD: Montara Sanitary District -- ditto for Moss Beach and Montara.

SAM: Sewer Authority Midcoast -- a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) agency which operates the sewer plant on behalf of Half Moon Bay, GSD, and MSD.

LAFCo: Local Agency Formation Commission

LCP: Local Coastal Program -- Specific implementations of the Coastal Act by cities and counties. Defines how development can take place in the Coastal Zone.

FOG: Forms of Government; a subcommitte of the MCC, devoted to exploring the possibility of gaining local control for the Midcoast

MCC: Midcoast Community Council -- a locally elected advisory board to the San Mateo County Board of Stupervisors.

NIMBY: Not In My Back Yard (someone who doesn't want certain things in his/her immediate vicinity, like a bypass or big housing development)

MROSD: Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District

TAT: Transient Occupancy Tax; tax revenue created by hotels

TOT: A room tax collected by hotels, which goes to the local government entity, unlike sales tax and property tax of which local governments only receive a portion.


Coastal Alliance

Harbor Commission: A Special District which operates the Pillar Point and Oyster Point Harbors.


Buildout: A definition in the LCP of the maximum amount of building which can take place on the coastside.

Carrying capacity: The amount of development which the infrastructure and the environment can support.

Cherry stem: The part of Half Moon Bay that extends up the coast adjacent to El Granada

Jobs/housing balance: The ideal ratio of jobs to housing in a community that would cause it to be self-sustaining

Non-Conforming parcel: a parcel which is smaller than the minimum parcel size specified by the zoning. Much of Miramar is zoned for 10,000 square foot parcels, making 8000 square foot parcels non-conforming, even though they are not substandard.

Sewer transfer: The selling of unused Priority-designated sewer capacity from commercial properties to non-priority residential use(Water transfer: Ditto for water connections).

Substandard Lot: A lot which is less than 5000 square feet, the minimum size allowed for subdividing residential land.