Coastside Capacity WebSite

The Unincorporated Midcoast of San Mateo - comprised of the communities of Miramar, El Granada, Princeton, Moss Beach and Montara - is in the midst of a pitched battle.

Current buildout figures are based on projections that are now decades old and dangerously outdated. The Midcoast is particularly vulnerable because decisions about it are made over the hill, by entities that may or may not have an apparent vested interest in what it will be like here in years to come. We say "apparent" because everyone in the Bay Area has a vested interest in local coastal preservation, in helping to create a sane future for this beautiful and unique area.

Can the coast still support more building? Pick up your trash!

This site is dedicated to bringing current issues affecting THE big issue on the Midcoast to your attention - whether you're an old-timer, a newbie, or just someone who loves coming here - and giving you some concise information about how to become involved.

Increasingly Larger Houses

These links contain vital information about a proposed zoning ordinance for the unincorporated Midcoast. This ordinance would place stricter controls on various development standards - including building height, floor area ratios, and daylight planes.

Graphs and charts show how this proposed ordinance compares with other communities in the San Mateo County area, how most of those communities possess even more restrictive ordinances, and how important this ordinance is for the unincorporated Midcoast.